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Welcome to vengi


This is a collection of voxel tools. It includes a voxel editor with animation support and loading/saving into a lot of voxel volume formats. There are other tools like e.g. a thumbnailer for your filemanager and a command line tool to convert or modify between several voxel formats.

Find out more about features and status updates on my mastodon profile.

The project source code is located at github/vengi-voxel/vengi. We also provide linux, osx and windows binaries here.

Join our discord server to get support or submit your feature requests or bugs.

If you just came here to use a voxel editor or to convert your voxel models into an obj or ply file, you should just go to the download page and check out the documentation of the tool as given in the navigation bar.

If you came here as a developer, make sure to check out the dependencies and set up your development environment. The build scripts are cmake based, so make sure to have it installed and generate the project files for your desired ide. After setting up everything, make sure to check out the compilation guide.



Online version